Our Mission

You may be wondering what exactly is a PEA? And what is “The Villiage” all about?

Let’s start with what a Private Education Association is… a group of families that agree to a core set of values, who work together to enhance their child’s home education. Basically a social group with focus on child development.

At this point in time our PEA will be best suited for Preschool age and younger. We will use the next year to develop our kindergarten and early elementary plans.

A Private Education Association is not … a school, day care, religious group, politically affiliated.

Core Values

Authentic learning through play and real life experiences. We believe that children have an inborn desire to learn and explore.

We will provide an enriching environment backed by benchmarks of learning.

Children will not be graded or tested.

Each child’s knowledge level will be evlauated through observation and will be kept private from the child.

If lagging skills are noted, we will design appropriate support without making the child feel deficient.

Developing character and morality in a respectful, non-coersive way. This means we will do our best not to threaten, bribe, hit, yell, or punish. We will use praise/”rewards” in a genuine and non-manipulative way.

Supporting each other

Being a parent is hard. In our society, there is so much pressure. It is seriously impossible to raise good humans alone. In a day we are so “connected” with technology we feel even more isolated. Curated social media can be inspirational and detrimental to our mental health.

Here in our PEA our goal is to support without judgment.  We all are trying to do what’s best for our families. If you do not agree with a certain belief, please  refrain from unsolicited “advice”. Use respectful communication to change the subject or exit the conversation.