Infertility Timeline

July 2012 – Met Hubby.

April 2015 – Birth control implant removed. (Implanon) The implant was 1 year overdue for removal, so possibly ineffective for the entire year.

June 2015 – Moved into Stafford Homestead.

June 2015 to June 2016 – Year 1 Started “trying” using roughly timed intercourse.

July 2016 – Primary care physician recommended seeing OBGYN for infertility.

August 2016 – Saw RE for internal ultrasound and blood work, Hubby did not want to seek medical help for infertility.

August 2016 to August 2017 – Year 2 Began “Natural fertility treatments” I.E. diet, exercise, drastically reduce caffeine/alcohol, OPKs, ect.

August 2017 – Hubby agreed to quit using marijuana, continued natural timed intercourse.

December 2017 – Hubby agreed to seek medical attention for infertility.

January 2018 – Initial consult, blood work, genetic testing, HSG, semen analysis. Diagnosis Unexplained infertility.

February 2018 – Failed medicated IUI procedure with 2.5mg Leterozole CD 3 – 7.

March 2018 – Failed Medicated IUI with 2.5 mg Leterozole CD 3 – 7.

April 2018 – Failed Medicated IUI with 2.5 mg Leterozole CD 3 – 7. Sonohysterogram for IVF clearance. Started seeing Chiropractor.

May 2018 – No treatment this cycle. Preparing for IVF.

June 2018–  received IVF meds, Birth control to control cycle start date. Baseline stimulation phase starting June 23rd.

July 2018 –  more stims, retrieval.. SURPRISE! freeze all cycle. Four day 5 blastocysts made it to the freezer. Natural FET cycle.

August 2018

8/2 Frozen Embryo Transfer.

8/11 Beta test! IT WORKED!! BFP

8/29 First Ultrasound

September 2018

9/1 seven week ultrasound Dr. Thinks Baby likely to miscarry/ chromosomal abnormality.

9/8 3rd Pregnancy scan @ 8 weeks, Dr. prescribed Cytotec to induce miscarriage.

9/12 Ultrasound confirmed pregnancy has ended.