Weekly Meetings – we will discuss each child’s needs and goals, share ideas and resources. Build our curriculum base and discuss materials needed, pool resources ect.

Preschool – 33 mo – 5 yo – drop in allowed for maximum of 3 hours. Or parent remains on premises if extended time if desired. Large focus on developing social skills, emotional regulation, and impulse control. Pre-reading, pre-writing and mathematics introduced in developmentally appropriate ways. We will have initial observations to determine child’s interests and notice any lagging skills that need more support. Goals will be made and adjusted as needed. Parents will do this for their own child but we will develop a comprehensive review together as a group

Social skills group – parents remain on premises. 1.5 – 3 hrs where children freely associate with others. Gentle guidance from other adults on the particular skill their parent identifies as the needing improvement. Guidance is only given if the children have shown they can not work it out without an adult. Physical altercations are immediately stopped by an adult.

Baby Time – zero to 33 months, parents remain on premise. Babies can work on milestones, language and social skills through play in a safe and engaging environment.

Weekly Meditations – 1 hour guided and non guided. Discussions of mindfulness tips and tricks. Religious/spiritual members can use meditation as silent prayer sessions as desired.

Baby sitting swap – monthly calendar of availability of other members. Recommended to be an exchange of time, not paid.

Skills swap – do you need something done or need help in a certain area? We all have those things we find fulfilling and things that drain our spirit. If we work collaboratively and creatively maybe we do a skills swap! Each member can list some things they are good at and enjoying helping others with and see what happens. It might not be a direct swap but hopefully if we all give a little we can get a lot back in return.