Who am I

My name is Laura, I’m a working mom of two boys. I had a rough experience as a child and teen in the public school system.
Thankfully, my innate desire to live a happy and fulfilled life dragged me through to where I am today.
Once I had my first child, I started my journey of re-learning and re-educating myself. Using researched backed strategies and ideology. It’s surprisingly controversial to treat your child with respect and cooperation. It’s also surprisingly controversial to encourage learning through play and authentic child inspired project based learning.
When we remove the cookie-cutter “education” that is based on memorizing facts and performing for grades (rewards and punishments) we give our children the space to explore their natural inborn desire to experiment, experience, and ingrain true knowledge.
I’ve started this Private Education Association to help fill the void of true community in our overfilled modern times.
Please join me to support each other in an authentic, respectful community to grow with our children and to facilitate their development into wholehearted humans that can meet their true potential.