Community Supported Home Education

Community Supported Home Education

So you have a little one(s)… Preschool, preK is on your mind. Maybe you’re not happy with the state of our public schools.. Can’t afford it, or can’t get into the specialty schools… Or maybe you just really value time as a family and can’t imagine sending your child away for 30 hours a week.

But homeschooling seems daunting. Who has time to do education at home when your barely keeping your sanity?? Time to research the best methods, yeah right! We need a team of parents to do this together ❤️

Together, we can get organized, break tasks down, hold each other accountable, pool resources, time, ect.

Most of all we get to uphold our values and deliver an individualized comprehensive education to our children in a safe, caring environment.

When?? Where??? What?

Great question! Our first task will be to get organized. And by fall (or earlier), be able to implement our program.

If you’re serious about this as much as I am, please send a message! I think we should have about 5 – 10 adults that are willing and able to “be the teacher” at least once a week.

I think we will either have to pay monthly/annual dues and/or fundraise. I would like to keep it affordable, but I think it may be at least $100/mo? This would go to paying for our space and materials.

Areas we serve: Stafford, Somers, Enfield. Possibly farther if you don’t mind a drive.


Expect weekly meetings to start mid to late May 2023. Meeting day/times TBD likely Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.


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