Post IVF: life with a 5 month old

Please pass this post if you don’t want to read about babies today.

Baby R is 5 months old. Next month will be exactly 1 year since we announced our pregnancy. Most days are passed quickly just living life. Some days I really soak in the Awe of actually being a parent, actually achieving my life long goal that had many unforseen challenges. Im already thinking about if we can have baby #2. with the cost of IVF and the cost of birth and lost wages from maternity leave… things are piling up.

Were financially stable thankfully.. but i don’t know if we could swing it again.

Our beloved dog Bruna died suddenly back in October she was only 3 years old. I am still heartbroken and miss her every day. Our whole family dynamic is changed. After she passed i gave up my rabbitry. Our chickens were picked off by predators. Im reconsidering our whole homestead lifestyle. We still have bees and I think I’ll focus on vegetables this year and take a break from animals until baby R is older.

Baby R is doing great, he’s super tall and super cute. Overall he is a very happy baby. Breastfeeding was very challenging at first but were still going strong.

Ive gone from obsessing about treatments and my health to branching out and delving into child development. I got a degree in early childhood education back in 2009. Revisiting an old interest feels good. Im drawn to the Montessori approach. We practice Elimination Communication and baby R has been using a tiny potty since 6 weeks old and he’s pretty good at it!

I want to foster independence and intrinsic motivation. I want him to be able to work through his emotions in a competent way and act appropriately because he’s a good person, not from fear or shame from “punishment”. So ive been listening to audiobooks trying to be the best i can be.

In the real life front im back to work full time. Hubby stays home with baby R and he’s been a great dad. I’ve had a series of home problems. Water heater burst, washer broke, dishwasher broke, tenants furnace stopped working on the coldest day of the year. I got a fine from the city for some one dumping trash on my property. The list could go on and on. Costs just keep adding up but income stays the same 😣

Ah well the baby is sleeping in my arms as i type this with one hand lol I’m gonna go put him down and do some chores.

Happy 2020

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