My (IVF) Home Birth

It’s official my baby is here safe in my arms! After 4 years of trying/waiting I have a son here in my arms. Just typing that brings tears of joy to my eyes!

He was born August 15th at 7:25pm. 7lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. At 38 weeks and 4 days.

A Thursday morning that started out like any other. I woke up at 6 and drove to work. All morning I just felt a little “off”. I felt a lot of pressure but figured it just meant baby was getting ready. Lunch break came and I ate my lunch, when I got up I felt a little gush. I had been feeling moderate wetness for about a week the Dr’s tested it the week before and said it wasn’t amniotic and was normal so I just ignored it and went for my typical walk. The whole walk I was feeling pressure and intermittent cramps, and more liquid. After 15 minutes I met up with my other co-worker to walk some more. We got maybe 5 minutes in and I told her I needed to back and I was having slight contractions.

Once I was back I went to the bathroom and the contractions started becoming much more uncomfortable. I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes and called my midwives to tell them I think labor is starting. She advised me to have someone drive me home and she’d call back in a while to check on my progress. I hadn’t been tracking my contractions since they came on while walking. So I started tracking them on my ride home.

One of my coworkers drove me in my car home and the bosses wife followed her to pick her up and bring her back.

The drive was tough, she kept talking to me when I was having contractions and trying to do my hypno/relaxation technique.

The contractions were 2 minutes apart. I called the midwife back as soon as I got home and told her its happening fast and I dont think waiting a few hours for her to get there was a good idea.

I hopped in the shower and worked through some contractions while guiding Hubby on what to do to get set up. Unfortunately the faucet adapter we got didn’t fit so there was no birth tub.

We got a hold of my sister and she started working her way over. It seemed like an hour or so went by before the midwife got here.

I had her check me and I was 8 cm already. I labored for another hour or so and she noted my cervix dialated a little uneven and she had me lay on my back and she pushed down in some area to get it to release after a couple more contractions.

Then the pushing started. I did my best to keep changing positions. Squatting, hands and knees, on my back, on the toilet even. Man, I underestimated how hard I’d have to push and hold. Head came down slowly. I pushed for at least 3 hours. It seemed like forever. I tried my best to relax in between contractions. Once his head was in the birth canal it was insane amount of pressure, the burning was so intense. I wanted the baby out but I kept thinking of trying to get him back in to avoid the discomfort.

The midwives were starting to get a little nervous when they saw his head and she said he made a grimace. The midwife assisted on the next push and got his shoulder out.

The release was the most relaxing feeling. There was no more pressure or pain at all. Hubby was standing to my left and was visibly upset. “Why is he blue?” He said with tears in his eyes. The midwives were using a bag valve mask on the baby. I reached out to Hubby and said “It’s OK it’s normal the baby is fine.”

They then placed my newborn son on my belly and I just laid there trying to take it all in.

Placenta came next and had gotten folded over and wasn’t coming out right. I gave some more pushes and finally it came out.

I was bleeding a lot, they noticed I was hemmoraging. They gave me IM pitocin into my leg and it burned a lot! They also had me take 4 tablets of cytotec sublingually to stop the bleeding. They also did a manual compression of my uterus which was also very painful… she stuck her whole hand up there!!

The amazing part was they did it all so calmly I never felt in danger at all.

Unfortunately I got some pretty bad side effects from the medications. Shaking, chattering, cold/hot flashes. I just had to lay there for a while and Hubby did skin to skin.

The midwives cleaned up and my sister helped prepare the placenta for postpartum smoothies. They were there for a while Hubby made a frozen pizza and I had soup because they insisted I eat something with protein. I just laid in bed with baby and got him to breastfeed. They showed me some ways to latch.

After a few hours they did an exam and found he had lingual ankloglossia (tongue tie) and they recommended getting it removed so he can eat/swallow better.

It took a couple hours but they eventually got me up to go to the bathroom.

I got the baby to breast feed and the midwives worked with me on latching and positions ext.

I spent the whole night holding the baby never put him down and never fell asleep. I wasn’t really even tired. He barely cried.

The next few days I spent in bed with the baby and Hubby took awesome care of us.

Latching was painful after the first day. It was clear his tongue tie was a problem. Once my milk came in on day 3 baby went on a nursing strike.

I couldn’t get him to latch at all it had been at least 12 hours since he ate and my breast were rock hard and nipples screaming. I called the midwives and left a message, it was a sunday. But I couldn’t take the screamig anymore. I felt so bad for my baby.

I feverishly broke out my breast pump and quickly got super annoyed trying to set it up. Eventually I got it connected and pumping. I got a decent amount and transferred it to a bottle.

Finally baby was fed and quiet. Midwives called back and didn’t really help much besides recommending the tongue tie removal. The next morning I called the specialist and scheduled the surgery for later that week.

So day 4 – 8 we bottle fed breastmilk DS (dear son). Pumping every 2 hours was brutal. At night I was sleeping maybe 1 hour at a time, every 3 hours. Hubby was a saving grace I would have him watch him from 8pm-12am and I could sleep, uninterrupted.

After the tongue and lip tie removal we switched from bottle feeding to spoon feeding because I was afraid of “nipple confusion”. Fast forward another week and we had our 2 week post partum appoitment. They had the lactation consultant work with me and we finally got DS to latch. They recommended using a nipple shield. I ordered one off amazon and used it, it was great and helped a lot. Eventually I weaned him off of that and now he happily breastfeeds. I defiently have over supply though from pumping.

I have about 50- six oz frozen bags of the liquid gold, I’ve been trying to wean off my extra pumping sessions too I get so engorged when DS feeds he’ll pull off and milk will just be squirting everywhere.

DS seems to be growing like a weed. His 2 month check up is in a week and he’ll get his first vaccine.

We do daily tummy time and he’s even rolled over a couple times by mistake. It’s amazing to see the changes already. He makes eye contact and has a social smile, he can track movement with his eyes.

He’s sleeping better through out the night. We use the “daydreamer” sleeper in the middle of the bed and I got the “nestedbean zen swaddle” for a steal of $5 off of FB marketplace.

Things are slowly getting to “normal” and we’re carving out a routine.

Sorry for the long post theres just so much to say and no time to post! Even now DS is stirring so I’m going to leave it here.

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