It’s been far too long. 38 weeks pregnant.

I figured I’d just write a quick update. I’ve made it past full term. Still 2 more weeks til my due date and who knows baby might keep cooking after that too.

My pregnancy has been smooth sailing. We’re planning a home birth with 2 certified nurse midwives that will be attending. All our stuff is set up. Just waiting patiently while doing plenty of squats lol.

It is amazing… I frequently doubted I’d ever get here, yet dreamed of it constantly too. I got to say I really do like being pregnant and I thought I’d hate the way my body would look but I really don’t! Seeing my big belly just looks so natural and healthy and “full of life” so to speak. It does help I found an amazing photographer to help me feel extra goddess like!

I’ve been listening to meditations and affirmations and continuing to practice yoga and other relaxation techniques. Hopefully labor will be smooth and efficient and at the end I’ll have my little bundle to snuggle.

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