6 Week Pregnancy Scan After Frozen Embryo Transfer # 2

The day finally came. After so much waiting, and so much anticipation. I titled my last pregnancy scan “The scariest visit”. It still rings true and is probably true for many IVF patients. The anxiety going into this appointment was intense.

My appointment wasn’t until 3 pm. I am someone who routinely wakes up at 6 am, so 3 pm was late for me. My sister surprised me last minute needing me to babysit her 2 toddlers. So my morning was spent with them, after that I did some quick grocery shopping and then drove home.

Hubby came with me to the scan although he hates going to Dr. appointments. We arrived a minute or 2 late but had to wait in the waiting room for a good 10-15 minutes. I went to the bathroom while I was waiting because they always ask for an empty bladder.

Finally the medical assistant called us back. She asked me to verify my name on the ultrasound screen. She then asks who my OBGYN is and when my appointment with them is. I told her I don’t have one yet as I was waiting to see a heartbeat before I make an appointment. But I told her I plan on seeing a midwife. She then began asking me about any pregnancy symptoms. I basically have had none, besides abdominal cramping. I would frequently get abdominal cramping while sleeping, usually in the early morning. It was strange, they did feel like menstrual cramps but also felt like digestive cramps too. I would also get nausea after taking my prenatal vitamin, but no vomiting, and no spotting/bleeding. She tells me to drop my pants and assume the position (not really but ya know).

The APRN comes in shortly and begins the exam. She finds the gestational sac easily and then the fetal pole and yolk sac. I can easily see the heart beat!! It was amazing. It was measuring at 116 BPM.. I thought that was a a little low but she seemed to think it was perfectly fine. She took some photos for us to take with us, she said the next appointment the pictures will look more like something right now it just looks like a grain of rice. She also measured the ovaries and corpus luteum. I was relieved to see only 1 baby since my HCG levels were so high!

Everything seemed to look great and measure right, they told me to come back in 1 – 2 weeks for my last ultrasound before I’m released to the midwives.

I’m super excited that this looks like it will be a viable pregnancy. Of course it is still very early and it’s so fragile in the first few weeks I’m too nervous to be 100% sure this it is.. but Hubby and I are both very excited that its going this well so far.

I told hubby congrats hes a daddy. He said “not yet”… and I told him he’s at least a daddy of a rice baby with a heartbeat!! He smile and laughed and we both just enjoyed the moment that we are pregnant with a live embryo.. Who knows how far it will go, but we can be happy that in this moment it is perfect.

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