Beta Blood Test #1 of cycle 2. FET

I went to the clinic this morning at 7:30am, I had my results by 9:45 AM. My regular nurse called me and told me congratulation! My levels are “AMAZING” my HCG was 399.2, and my progesterone was 47.7. WOW!

My HCG is more than triple what it was from my last transfers initial beta. My progesterone is double too. I asked her if since I ovulated 2 follicles if my progesterone was too high, or if I should stop taking the PIO. She said no, there isn’t “too much progesterone” but if my levels stay high they may let me get off the PIO earlier than usual.

She casually mentioned that numbers this high don’t always mean twins and since they transferred only 1 embryo it’s not likely that it split, but it’s possible.

I have high hopes that this is a strong, viable embryo.

I go back in 2 days for more blood work to ensure the level is rising appropriately. I believe after that it’s another beta quant after a week and a ultrasound at 6.5 weeks.

I’m going to stay positive and ENJOY being pregnant!!!! As best I can try not to let my previous loss sour my current joy.

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