What Happens After Embryo Transfer? My “TWW” FET #2.

My first blood test is only 9 days after embryo transfer… Feels like FOREVER. Today is day eight for me. So how did it all go down after transfer?

The day of transfer was excellent, euphoric at times, filled with excitement, relaxation and over all a lot of hope.

Day 1 after transfer

The day after of course the doubt showed up for me. My clinic emails me all of my blood results, so I can see the levels of estrogen & progesterone. And since I never delete my emails I also have all my results from my first transfer too.  Since I had two follicles growing this cycle (really random since I never had two even while taking “enhancing drugs”) My levels were more than double what they were on the first cycle.  At first I thought this was great… then I remembered that “High” progestrone is bad…. that’s why I had to skip my first “fresh” transfer.

So I check online what would be considered high progesterone and what the concequences are. BAD IDEA!!

“Serum progesterone levels greater than 20 ng/dl on day of embryo transfer are associated with lower live birth and higher pregnancy loss rates”

Well that was seriously depressing to find out. I also felt cheated by my medical team as the said “Your levels are Perfect!”. My P4 was 24.1 on the day of transfer…Of course I still haven’t even called to ask them to clarify if my levels are actually good or they just say that not to alarm me. It frustrates me even more that if I had not been supplementing my progesterone I probably would have been at a more appropriate level, 2 follicles = 2 corpus luteums which I assume would make 2 x as much progesterone. I’m not a doctor, I’m just speculating.

This information has just been dwelling in the back of my mind the whole time. I try to ignore it, but I can’t unlearn this. 

Day 2 after transfer

I started coming down with a serious sore throat and upper respiratory infection. I was feeling so angry at contracting an illness in this critical time. I am NEVER sick, and of course it has to come right after my embryo transfer. I rested all day but had to go to work the next day

Day 3 – 7 after transfer

It was the work week, so I kept my mind off of the wait most of the time. I listened to my meditations several times, walked during my lunch breaks and on the treadmill at home after the PIO shot. I started feeling some mild cramping like period like feeling. This was exciting to me as I experienced this during my last FET (that was a BFP).

Day 8 after transfer

I use a fit bit to monitor my sleep, exercise and also heart rate. After my first embryo transfer (and first ever pregnancy) I noticed that my heart rate continued to climb, when typically my heart rate begins to fall right before my period.

This time I see my heart rate falling. I was crushed.  I was absolutely sure that this meant I am not pregnant… so I sadly decide to take a pregnancy test. I took the test (cheapie), look at my watch and time 5 minutes. I don’t know why but then I just laid on the bathroom floor (in childs pose) for 5 minutes. Mentally preparing myself for a blank test, telling myself that it doesn’t mean I’m not pregnant, but it’s gonna help prepare me for tomorrows negative result.


I was shocked, happy, and was feeling excellent. I showed Hubby and he was excited too. It feels good to have a positive test. I went to my chiropractor and acupuncture today and told them both about my positive test.  They both told me not to get my hopes up too high.

UGH a dose of reality. So tomorrow is my actual blood test, I believe it will be positive. Now of course I’m going to go into another 2.5 week wait until the dreaded 1st pregnancy scan.

Is it going to be abnormal again? will I even make it that far what if the blood results are positive but bad??

I guess I’ll try to keep positive, keep doing my meditations and yoga and overall just avoid all the negative thoughts.. It sure is hard when I just really want to be estatic but reality won’t allow me to.

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