FET #2 Update

Today was my third visit for my second frozen embryo transfer cycle. First visit I came in on cycle day 10, which is protocol for my clinic. I had an ultrasound and blood work.

It was all pretty uneventful. The ultrasound showed a small follicle growing on the left side, and very thin (3mm) uterine lining. The blood work showed low LH level.

Second visit was 2 days later, another ultrasound and blood work. Follicle is growing and is now 14 mm, The lining has improved but is not quite thick enough. Blood work shows a rise in LH hormone but not a “surge” yet.

I returned today for blood work, still waiting on the results but I don’t think I’m surging yet. Right now I’m waiting for my acupuncturist so I can have some relaxation and get my blood (and chi or whatever 😉 ) flowing!

Tomorrow I return to the clinic again for for another ultrasound and blood work. I’m hoping this will be my last ultrasound before the transfer!!!

I’ll probably need blood work on friday too, to confirm the surge by seeing a drop in LH. Then 5 days later we’ll transfer a beautiful 5 day blastocyst! Hoping everything goes smoothly with thawing!

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