A Natural Pregnancy following IVF Miscarriage? Or More Infertility Torture?

I’ve been having weekly blood draws since the loss was confirmed on Sept 12th. 5 weeks and I finally got my “period”.

I was so excited when I got some cramping, thought THIS IS IT I can start my next cycle! But that day was just cramping, the next day more cramps and a little bleeding! I was excited but it was only spotting and CD 1 is first day of “full flow” so I called the next day, after my 5th blood draw to let the nurse know. That day the bleeding was light.

She set me up for sonohysterogram the following week to check out the uterus & make sure it’s all clear. But my bleeding stopped, on the first day… I called the nurse the next day to ask if I will be doing the FET this cycle (I assumed I was) and to let her know my period was unusually light… especially since I had just had a miscarriage, many people describe their first AF after that as very heavy and a lot of cramps.

My HCG was 4 so I was finally considered “not pregnant”.

The nurse called back and said that it was indeed unusual to have very little bleeding. And that they DON’T usually do a FET on the first cycle after a loss, but will ask the doctor, if the sonohysterogram is clear if we can proceed with a FET. She said she’d call me back.

So I hear back from her not too long after, they want me to do a PREGNANCY TEST on monday, before my sonohystrogram on Wednesday. She said she wants to make sure my numbers are going down, and not up. She sent me a lab request for not only HCG but Progesterone too.

WOW, is there really a possibility I’m pregnant naturally?? I’ve heard many women are most fertile immediately following a loss…

but were completely infertile. 0% of hubby’s sperm fertilized my eggs with traditional IVF, we only had 4 embryos make it because of ICSI.

I have this sick feeling of hope, but knowing it’s false hope too. I’m dreaming of a world where this is actually possible that I’m pregnant.

Infertility is such a mind-fuck.

It’s possible… but probably just as likely as me winning Mega Millions 1.9 billion jackpot. But Hey you still buy the ticket and pretend you already have the money.

It hurts a lot more though when you find out you’re not pregnant (even though you all ready knew you weren’t).

Tomorrow I will know if this was my true period, or if it was implantation bleeding…

UPDATE: HCG was 3 – Not pregnant!

Sonohysterogram tomorrow 😬

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