Pregnant After IVF: Chromosomal Abnormalities?

I had my second scan today. The Doctor found a heartbeat. You would think this would be stellar news since 3 days ago there was nothing.

The problem is I’m supposed to be 7 weeks pregnant, and the baby is developmentally a week behind.

If you’re a “normal”/natural pregnancy Dr.s don’t worry too much about being a little small… maybe the dates were off.. but we know when the embryo was transferred so our timeline is correct.

Also the yolk sac is enlarged. Greater than 5 mm yolk sac is a strong indicator that spontainious abortion will occur, that there is a chromosomal abnormality.

Put these two factors together and you get a really bad prognosis. The doctor explained that with out the progesterone support this pregnancy would most likely not have even made it to this point.

But the baby is alive. It’s heart is beating… so what do you do??

My plan for now is to continue the progesterone for 1 week and return for another ultrasound, to see if the heart is still beating.

If the heartbeat has stopped I could choose 3 options

  1. Stop progesterone and miscarry naturally.  unable to predict when this will occur, and if the pregnancy continues more than 2 weeks after, it suggested to move to another choice
  2.  Take cytotec (sp?) insert pills into vagina and cramping and bleeding occur within a few hours. misscarry that day, pain meds RXed.
  3. D & C its over less than an hour but has surgical risks

If the heart beat continues I’m not really sure what will happen, probably keep up weekly checks and eventually can have a CVS sample take at the end of the first trimester.

I guess Ill see what next week entails.



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