IVF Beta Test #1

Oh, the day I’ve been waiting so long for. 9 days after transfer, months and months of preparing. Years of trying.

Yesterday I broke down and tested early. I had some cheap pregnancy tests that came with the OPK. It was 3 in the afternoon. “It’ll mean nothing” I told myself, if it was negative. Well it was negative and I felt crushed. All of my hopes for having a successful transfer were lost.

Even though I very well knew that it wasn’t first morning urine, and my tests aren’t “early response” either.

I did some yoga, I meditated, I talked to my sister. I starting feeling a little better but was still pretty crabby.

I went to bed and tried to hold it through the whole night but by 3:30 I had to go. I took another test. BFN. No surprise. I had accepted my fate but decided that I won’t feel bad til I get the final news in a few hours.

Went to the clinic at 8. Then I took my Niece out to a special gemstone show nearby and shopping for school clothes.

Finally the clinic called at 12:45.

The nurse said she had good news and the test was positive.. I was totally shocked! My HCG was at 111 which she said was good. I was told to continue progesterone and return in 2 days for another blood test.

I cried I was so happy.

I know its too soon to be jumping for joy but I feel really hopeful. I told Hubby, my sisters and dad.

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