Video: Giving yourself IM Progesterone.

I was nervous about giving myself intramuscular injections. The subcutaneous injections for stims were great training wheels.

You very well CAN give yourself the intramuscular injections. I know most people have their partners or another friend/family member do the injection. Maybe your partner is unwilling/unable, maybe friends/family don’t live close by, maybe you’re just a bad-ass lol.

Anyways, if I can do it, you can do it.

This video is of my 6th injection, so don’t expect to be a pro at it on the first try. My first day it took me a long time to build up the nerve to do it, day 2 a little less, and 3+ less and less.

The pinch of the injection really isn’t too bad, I didn’t notice it being worse than the stim injections. It is a weird feeling when advancing the needle deeper into the tissue, I think I can feel once it gets to the muscle.

  • Some people ice the area before hand. I haven’t tried it as the first injection really wasn’t very painful, but if you have a low pain tolerance or want to do it go for it!!
  • You do want the oil to be warm. It’s like 80°F in my bathroom so I don’t bother warming it further. My nurse suggested drawing it into the syringe and keeping it under your arm for a minute or so.
  • Massage the area after injection.
  • Walk for about 15 minutes to help disperse the medication to prevent lumps and bruising.
  • I’ve read others love heating pads to ease any discomfort.

So far I have had no real side effects, besides my acne has been getting a little worse, but it is typically worse in the luteal phase of my cycle anyways. My injection sites are sore like after an intense work out, but not extremely painful. My dosage is pretty low (25mg aka 1/2cc) so others with higher doses might have a harder time.

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