Fertilization Report, Day 1.

It’s a cruel trick of infertility to feel so positive one day and have every thing crushed 24 hours later. It’s not really the end of the world, I still have 6 fertilized eggs, but I have this sick feeling now of them all not making it to the freezer. So much work, so much hope, please please please don’t be for nothing. I do everything right, I am so tired of working so much harder than the average “normal” woman and coming up short.

Of the 22 retrieved eggs

They were divided into two groups:

11″standard IVF” and 11 “ICSI”.

ZERO of the standard IVF fertilized 😦 😦 😦

6 of the ICSI fertilized, and 3 have some action so are being “watched”.

I will not get another call until next week the nurse told me.

I feel completely blind sided. I can’t believe NONE of the standard IVF eggs fertilized. I feel defeated that I lost 16 eggs in one day. I know its normal to have a big difference in eggs retrieved and eggs fertilized. I know 6 is still pretty decent number and a lot of women are successful with less. But damn does it sting. And of course its pretty much all my fault. I told the doctor to do standard IVF. If I listened to her and did all ICSI I’d probably have more embryos. We compromised with half and half. She warned us sometimes (5%) of couples with unexplained infertility have no fertilization with IVF and need ICSI.. but I wanted to find out if failed fertilization was our cause of infertility, and it seems to be. I’m trying to google WHY NO FERTILIZATION but am coming up with nothing. I really hope the doctor can shed some light onto this.

I’m going to brace for the worst and really hope I get at least 1 high quality embryo.


  1. It sure is a horrible feeling. We done ICSI with both cycles of IVF. With the first, out of 11 follicles only got 4 eggs- all 4 fertilized but only 2 made it to transfer day. I got pregnant but ended with a miscarriage. With the second, out of 15 follicles got 8 eggs and only 2 fertilized and made it to transfer. That cycle was unsuccessful. I was crushed because I done everything like I was supposed to. We doubled my meds and everything. Infertility is a awful thing to go through.


    1. Yeah it’s so frustrating to me because I’m a very “in control” person. I have a plan in my head of how everything will happen for almost every aspect of my life I try to “predict”, plan and alter situations to suit my needs, and I am largely successful in accomplishing my goals big or small… except this!! Even with all careful planning and research and knowing of others typical experiences I still had a different (less realistic) out come in my head. From what I’ve read everyone who has a lot of eggs retrieved (over 20) they all seemed to have had significantly less than half fertilized…. They all seemed to blame it on “I have PCOS” and I thought since I don’t have PCOS that my eggs would mostly fertilize… but maybe its the hyperstimuation that creates a lot of immature/poor fert eggs, not necessairly the diagnosis of PCOS.

      Who knows really .. infertility is really just a “crap shoot”/ gamble no matter what.


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