My Last IUI Procedure.

My treatment plan for Infertility included 3 medicated IUI cycles, then, if unsuccessful, 2 rounds of IVF. This was mostly dictated by my insurance coverage, I am fortunate enough to live in a state that mandates infertility coverage. I have a high deductible plan purchased through the state healthcare website, my employer doesn’t offer any insurance coverage. So far I’m nowhere near my $7,500 deductible and have spent about 3k (not all of it goes to deductible).

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor any information contained in this post is fit entertainment purposes only. Affiliated links may be included in this post, if you click on the link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Wether or not this cycle is successful, I am closing another chapter of my journey and opening a whole new one! That makes me happy because it signifies progress.

I called my nurse on cycle day 1 (first day of period). She sent the RX for 2.5 mg Leterozole to take from CD 3 – 7. I was set up for an ultrasound and blood test on CD 10. I also had a sonohysterogram on CD 7 to prepare for IVF cycle.

I had 1 large 17 mm follicle (on the left side!) and 2 smaller but significant 13.5 mm follicles on my right side. Sadly my lining was only measuring at 5 mm, I still have hope that my lining will develop nicely over the next couple days. I’m estimating/expecting ovulation to occur in 4 days. The nurse said they will do an ultrasound on the day of the IUI to evaluate my lining/follicles again. I start my OPK Saturday night. (affiliated link to my favorite brand).

I’m super excited that I finally have a mature follicle on the left side. When I had my HSG the doctor had noted that the right tube was slow to fill, although they assured me that this was fine, I have my doubts about the function of that tube. So this month I actually have a chance with the left side!! Hopefully it’ll be a BFP. I was even reading some hopeful statistics that multiple IUI’s increase your success rate, up to 80% for 3-6 cycles.

Last cycle I ovulated earlier than usual on CD 13 so this month I took evening primrose oil 2 x per day from CD 1 – 10 to try to lengthen my follicular phase, I was trying to make it so I would ovulate on my day off lol. It worked! Although I think I may have gotten the IUI a little too early, hopefully early will be more effective than the day later protocol we have been following. I got a moderate positive test on Tuesday evening with my cheap OPK, I later tried to confirm with the Clear blue digital and it came out negative. I called the clinic to schedule my IUI anyways as the next day I already had off from work and I knew I’d be surging/ovulating by morning. I don’t recommended disregarding your clinics protocol. What I did was risky but I personally was comfortable with taking a chance.

I arrived at the clinic 40 minutes before my appointed time because finished my grocery shopping early. While waiting I took my clear digital OPK to see if I was ovulating, IT WAS POSITIVE WAHOO đŸ™‚ My little gamble seemed to be working in my favor. They took me in right at 11. I was pleasantly surprised that the reproductive endocrinologist was actually going to be doing my ultrasound and IUI. I haven’t seen my actual doctor since my consultation in January, just nurses and other medical providers.

The ultrasound showed the uterine lining had developed into 8.4 mm and was appearing in 3 layers. This is very good compared to the 5.1 mm four days earlier. One large follicle 20 mm was noted on the left ovary, and the right side medium follicles were not further developed. No need to worry about triplets she said. The IUI was practically painless. I really really hope this is a good sign. The sperm count was good in all parameters. They put the prop up in the bed and dimmed the lights, I layed there for about 10 minutes, listened to a fertility meditation I found on Youtube.

Semen sample

The first 2 IUI’s went pretty easy, there was some minor cramping and bleeding. The months drag out but looking back it seems to have gone quickly. I feel like a veteran, I don’t feel nervous/excited for appointments like I did at first. I don’t feel as “starry-eyed” hopeful as I did at first either. My first IUI I was convinced I’d be pregnant, that all I needed was a little help from the Dr. and BAM! all is said and done. I wasn’t that lucky, I’ve never been that lucky. Statistically it’s somewhat unrealistic to believe that 1 cycle would be it. Plenty of people do 6+ rounds of IUI before BFP or IVF. I’m really glad we’re only doing 3 cycles of IUI. I feel like I’d rather just skip to IVF since the success rates are so much higher. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong and it will work for us this month. I should know in approximately 2 weeks if I’m going to have to spend thousands of dollars to become a human pincushion!

This month for the 2 ww I’ll be following some “Fertility boosting” methods, such as:

  • Supplements: Vitamin code Raw Prenatal, Magnesium, CoQ10, Fish Oil
  • Low dose “baby” aspirin & Methylfolate & methyl B12 combo This might be overkill but since I was diagnosed with a MTHFR mutation (although not the sequence associated with miscarriage or infertility) I read that these can help with implantation support, and my RE says “can’t hurt”.
  • “Mucinex” Used to help thin cervical mucus, I take 400 mg 3 x per day for the day prior to ovulation and 2 days after.
  • Sperm friendly lubricant – Used for BD the day of ovulation and the day or 2 after. It is recommended to have intercourse the evening after IUI and the next day as well “If you feel up to it” the nurse told me.
  • The pineapple trick 1 – 5 DPO
  • Warm foods/drinks
  • Keeping feet warm – I use “toasty toes” I put them in my shoes while working (the office is cold), then wear socks & slippers at home.
  • Nightly Dandelion root tea with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and melatonin.
  • Decaf green tea with fresh lemon juice in the AM
  • Daily gentle to moderate exercise walking/ yoga
  • Nightly fertility meditations before bed (I use Youtube)
  • Sleep 7+ hours per night
  • continue “Paleo/Keto” fertility diet
  • Avoid alcohol, no Ibprophen, no added sugars/sweeteners, limit caffeine.

Update: procedure failed, I will be calling the center today to let them know and hopefully start suppression protocol.

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