Step By Step Details, What to Expect: My Second IUI.

This is a detailed account of how my second IUI procedure was done. Each woman and fertility center is different so experiences will vary. To learn more about leading up to the actual procedure please visit TTC – Second IUI with Letrozole

The IUI procedure to me starts as soon as I get a positive OPK, for others it may begin once the doctors are satisfied with the follicles seen on the ultrasound. This month for me it was one in the same.

I requested to my clinic nurse that I be seen on CD 12, instead of 10 for the US & Blood work. I typically ovulate on my own on CD 15 which means I see a surge in LH hormone on CD 14. But not this month. Letrozole must have sped up my cycle because I ovulated 2 days early.

US/Blood work appt. My clinic has hours from 7:15 – 9 where women who are “cycling” come in without a specific time appointment, You are expected on that spesific day. My clinic nurse makes this appointment when I call her on CD 1. So I arrived around 8 am and signed in at the front desk. Shortly after I was called back by a medical assistant. The assistant asked if I needed the restroom. I learned later that the LPN would prefer an empty bladder, so I should have went, but my bladder was mostly empty so she said it was OK for today’s US. She let me know that the urine can cause shadowing on the follicles making the US harder to read.

Step 1: Get undressed from the waist down, cover up with the paper drape and wait til the LPN/Dr comes in.

Step 2: LPN arrives, asks you to verify name and date of birth on the monitor.

Step 3: Lay back feet in the stirrups and slide your bottom to the edge of the table, bend your knees outward to give more room to work.

Step 4: Speculum is inserted and opened. For most this causes no effects, others find it slightly uncomfortable and a rare few may find it painful.

Step 5: Ultrasound wand is inserted into the vagina. The LPN will measure uterine lining, and push the wand to each side to look at each ovary. I find it very mildly uncomfortable when the push on each ovary. LPN will take pictures and count follicles. This month she saw a very large follicle on my right ovary. Multiple immature follicles on each side. She said my lining looked great.

I was very disappointed once I learned the follicle was on the right side, they have been on the right side every single time I’ve had ultrasounds. My HSG reveled that my right tube was “slow to fill/spill” which the doctors have assured me means nothing, but I’m honestly not buying. Seems like too strong of a coincidence that the right side produces the follicles and the right tube is abnormal and 3+ years of trying and no pregnancy. Maybe I’m being pessimistic (or realistic?). I plan on brining this up on CD 1, unless I get a BFP!!! (I still have hope!)

Step 6: Re-dress and go out for blood work

Step 7: Phlebotomist takes 1 vial of blood. First she asks me to verify my name and DOB on the vial. Ties on a tourniquet and gives me a ball to squeeze on. Slight pinch of a needle and about 30 seconds for the blood to fill the vial.

Step 8: Nurse returned call with blood results, and I’m OVULATING. I was scheduled for 11 am the next morning for IUI. Hubby had to be at the center at 8 am to give his sample.

So the next day I return for the actual IUI. I had to call out of work pretending to have food poisoning as I haven’t told anyone at work about my infertility. I really need to do it, but I keep hoping every month that “this will be it”, so I avoid it. If I move on to IVF I don’t think it will be possible to avoid telling them. I just really don’t want them to be all “omg I’m so sorry” blah blah blah. I really don’t need sympathy. It’s just all CRINGE worthy.

Repeat steps 1 – 4. with the addition to adding in verification of proper sperm sample.

The LPN went over the sperm quality results and we were lucky enough to have a good sample in all categories.

Step 5: The LPN inserts a catheter tube into the cervix. This seemed to take a little longer than the first cycle, but went in pretty easily, very mild discomfort.

Step 6: Sperm is released into catheter and into the uterus. Very mild discomfort.

Step 7: Catheter and speculum are removed, mild discomfort.

Step 8: LPN instructs to lay for 10 minutes with hips propped up, they have a lever in the bed that raises your hips. I like to listen to fertility meditations I find on youtube at this time.

Step 9: Return about your day ALMOST PREGNANT.

Step 10: wait 16 days until beta blood test or AF which ever comes first.

Try not to go crazy symptom spotting or peeing on sticks too early.  Focus on happy activities and keep moderately busy with plenty of time for self-care and exercise. Eat healthy, avoid all alcohol, minimize caffeine and processed foods.

I’m already at CD 10 today so I’ll be able to update on the success of my 2nd IUI in about 5 days!!!

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