Luteal Phase Guide: Maximize Your Diet in the Two Week Wait.

The luteal phase is from post-ovulation to menstruation. When trying to conceive we call this the two-week wait. In this time frame I feel the least “in control” which can add stress to my body. I have designed myself a guide to aid in the 2ww that will encourage implantation, fertility, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist, this post should not be used as medical advice or considered professional nutritional advise. I am sharing what information I have compiled into a guide that I believe will benefit my fertility, every woman is different. This post contains affliated links, which I may recieve a commission at no cost to you if purchased.


1DPO – 5DPO “The Pineapple Trick” this is not news to someone whose been TTC for a long time, but I still remember its surprise to me when I was first learning about fertility diets. How to do it:

  • Get 1 whole pineapple a few days prior to ovulation (let it ripen on the counter).
  • The day AFTER ovulation, cut the top and bottom off the pineapple, using the knife cut down the sides of the pineapple to take off the skin, just enough to get rid of the brown spiky spots. lay the pineapple on its side and cut into 5 equal sections. Consume one slice per day for 5 days. You need to eat the core too (this is the main source of bromelain enzyme)
  •  If you are using OPK’s the day you get the surge is NOT ovulation day, the day after your positive OPK is when you actually ovulate, the day after that is the day to start eating pineapple. If you are having IUI or IVF, start the day after the procedure.
  • Eat the pineapple on an empty stomach, this is important, if the pineapple is eaten with food it will act as a digestive enzyme, not on the body as we are looking for when TTC.
  • Warm up the pineapple. Traditional Chinese medicine states that a “cold womb” will prevent pregnancy. I use a small pan on the stove, giving it a grilled pineapple feel, but not cooked long enough to destroy enzymes (like canned pineapple).
  • There are other blogs with ideas on how to eat the core if you don’t want to just chew it and swallow it but I find it just easier to power through and just do it lol.


6 DPO – 14 DPO  Decaf Green Tea with Lemon

Giving up your morning latte/coffee is tough. In the luteal phase it’s important to limit/eliminate caffeine. Combining “fertility super foods” is a nice way to get a little of everyone’s recommendations in. There is SO MUCH diet advise out there it’s hard to pick and choose what to add into your daily routine. I personally believe there are many benefits to intermittent fasting, so I choose to have a very low-calorie breakfast as often as possible. I give my body at least 12 hours of fasting, although health gurus recommend 14-16 hours of fasting, I’m not convinced that would be ideal for fertility goals. Green tea (decaf) with lemon has powerful antioxidant qualities. Ginger, turmeric & cinnamon are “womb warming” herbs with antioxidant qualities, feel free to add a dash each morning! Add a little no carb all natural sweetener (Swerve / Erytherol) if needed to improve flavor.

  1.  Heat/boil water for tea. drop in tea bag and let steep for approx 5 minutes.
  2. Juice half of 1 lemon, add to tea. Stir in a few dashes of organic spices as desired.
  3. Enjoy!

Lunch: Meal prep

I like to make my lunches in advance so I don’t have to pack daily on days I need to work or will be out of the house. * PRO TIP FOR AVOIDING PROCESSED/ FAST FOOD – always pack a lunch if you are going to be out of the house all morning/afternoon. Keep in an insulated lunch bag with Ice pack if needed. This will eliminate your need to drive thru or stop in and get some less than healthy foods!

Salmon, Egg and Avocado Quiche cups (Makes 6 servings/12 muffins)

14 oz Canned Wild Alaskan Salmon – drained. Avoid cans lined with BPA. I personally contacted Aldi’s to see if there salmon can was BPA free and I’m happy to say it is! Other companies may clearly label, but a lot don’t. A lot of canned salmon contains bones, They’re edible & healthy. You may want to mash them with a fork if they are unappealing to you.

12 Eggs – Farm fresh!!! Check facebook market place if you don’t know a source nearby. If you do not have access to farm eggs, organic pasture raised eggs are the best choice at the grocery store.

3 Ripe Avocados – buying organic is not necessary as avocados are rarely contaminated with pesticides. I’ve also used store-bought guacamole when my avocados were not ripe, and it turned out just as good.

Fresh veggies – finely dice your favorite “fertility” veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, red bell pepper

Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper (if you want a little spice)

Preheat the oven to 375. Grease a muffin tin and dust with coconut/almond/gluten-free flour (or use silicone muffin liners). In a large bowl whisk the eggs and seasonings. Add in veggies, salmon, and mashed or diced avocado/guacamole and mix until blended. Pour in about 1/3 cup of mixture into each muffin well. Bake in oven for 40 minutes, or until top is lightly golden brown.

BAM! now you have 6 lunches already pre-made! If you think 2 egg cups isn’t enough food try adding in a side of lentils for even more folate and fiber! I boil mine with chicken stock to give it flavor 🙂 and they are also easy to make in advance!



So since starting fertility treatments I’ve opted to get my meals/groceries delivered through 2 different meal services. I LOVE IT. I spend a lot less time at the grocery store and zero time trying to decided what to buy/cook for dinner. There are a lot of meal services out there but I chose Green Chef and Sun Basket because they are the only ones offering ORGANIC produce/(some)meats. They are also the only ones that are GLUTEN FREE. The meals were usually all delicious and pretty simple to prepare. I chose the “Paleo” plan from sunbasket and the “Keto” plan from Green chef. Of course the catch is its pretty darn expensive. So for the past 3 months we’ve been getting 6 dinners delivered per week and it was costing us slightly less that $180/week. Depending on your budget this may be do-able for you. Maybe only go less and get only 3 meals per week for $80 from Sunbasket, or $98 from Green chef. I included my referral links above so you can get a few meals/money off your first order if you want to try it out. Disclaimer: I will also get referral credit if you get a second order of green chef, or any order from sun basket.

I Just paused both my meal services and I’m going to start using my collection of recipe cards to buy the ingredients myself.  It’ll be more time-consuming but with Hubby losing his part-time job soon (they’re closing) were going to need to buckle down on spending. (and IVF is a month away if our IUI’s are unsuccessful!) I likely will restart if I do start IVF, as I’m sure the less stress, will be worth the difference in grocery cost!

For those of you who aren’t interested/able to do meal delivery, I strongly recommend following a “Keto/Paleo” based diet. There is so much info on pinterest for ideas and receives! It’s almost as if its more important what you DON’T EAT, than what you do eat. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is absolutely detrimental to fertility. Yes a lot of women out there can eat a SAD diet and still get pregnant, but were not “most women”, our bodies are different from “average” and need to be treated as the most powerful tool we have.

Dealing with infertility can stir up a lot of different negative emotions about ourselves and our body, being in control of your diet will help you regain control of your body and your life. Struggling with addiction to sugar/carbs or stress eating is hard. I can’t really say much more than You’re worth it, Your baby is worth it.

Hope your 2ww ends in a BFP, *baby dust*

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