TTC – Second IUI with Letrozole

My first IUI was a breeze, but ended in a BFN. IUI # 2 coming up in approximately 11 days! AF arrived exactly on time, last Saturday. I waited until Monday to call my clinic nurse to let her know the news. I left a message for her as all the calls go right to voice mail. I asked if the RE wanted to change/increase my medication as I only had 1 mature follicle last cycle, I thought the goal was 2.

The nurse called back and said that “Your treatment plan is for 3 Letrozole IUI cycles.” She stated that I did have 1 mature follicle and I did ovulate. I felt kind of cheated by this, I produce a follicle and ovulate on my own anyways, so whats the point of taking medication that doesn’t do anything additional? I know I should be happy that I can/do ovulate/mature follicles, but when I’m still getting no where its hard to be happy. So she RX’ed me the same 2.5mg Letrozole for CD 3 – 7. It’s recommended to do the ultrasound/blood work on CD 10, but I requested to do CD 9 or 12 so I don’t have to miss time from work. The nurse was hesitant to let me schedule for CD 12 as they don’t want to miss the surge/ovulation. Last month I went on CD 10 and the follicle wasn’t even close to mature. I told the nurse that I have ovulated on CD 15 every month for at least the last year. She agreed to let me schedule for CD 12 as long as I start OPK’s on CD 10 and come in for IUI if a surge is noted .

If all goes to plan I’ll have my US next Wednesday then return on Saturday for the IUI. It’s amazing to me how quickly the first half of the cycle goes, then the luteal phase is a snails crawl.

Goals for this month:

Start Acupuncture – I found a provider the next town over that specializes in women’s health and fertility. I still have to call and find out what they charge and set up an appointment.

Sleep 8 hrs per night! – I have been good getting at least 7 hrs, but I know I can do better! I love sleep but its hard for me to wind-down so early. I usually don’t get home from work until 7, then try to walk for 30 min on the treadmill, eat dinner, then straight to bed! this leads me to my next point…

Boost my bedtime / self care routine – Herbal tea, Aromatherapy, Guided meditation, Self-fertility massage (after menses & before ovulation). This should help me fall right to sleep.

More Yoga. – I do yoga regularly 2-3 x per week, but I’d like to increase it by doing some gentle yoga in the AM before work. It’s just really tough actually getting out of bed earlier!

More Walking – I usually walk 2 miles @ 4mph 2 – 3 times per week but I’d like to increase this. In the nicer weathered months I was walking at least 4 x per week. Now with all the snow/cold I usually walk after work on the treadmill, and I’ll be honest I don’t look forward to it.

Accountability – If you have goals like me and are having trouble finding motivation and accountability a fitness band might be a big help.

The following link is affiliated and if you decide to purchase I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

I use my fitbit charge 2 to keep track of everything. I’ve had it for almost 1 year now. It was hubby’s idea to get them, and at first I thought it was a pointless expense. I was wrong. I love it. I can see exactly when I fell asleep, what my sleep/wake cycles were like. I also can track my exercise, food journal, water intake, and plenty more things too.

I had my ultrasound and blood work on CD 12 this cycle. The ultrasound/blood work was easy. I woke up early and drove down to the clinic. The nurse said my lining looked great and noted 1 very large follicle on the right side and several small follicles on both sides. I went for blood work, they had me verify the vial and I gave a little blood and was out the door.

Later that day the nurse called back and let me know that my LH level was surging and that I needed to come in the next day for the IUI. I was surprised because it was a few days earlier than normal, but I guess the meds can mess with your cycle.

CD 13 – I went for the drive with Hubby for him to produce his sample at 8 AM, we drove home and relaxed for an hour, then drove back. I went in alone Hubby wanted to stay in the waiting room. They had me verify my name and DOB, and Hubby’s name and DOB on the vial and on the sheet. They let me know about Hubby’s sample, I forget all the exact numbers, but I remember they were all higher than the “recommended” levels. So that’s half the battle working with a good sample!

I have “unexplained” infertility, but more and more I am noticing that I think my right fallopian tube is blocked. I also noted that I  seem to only ovulate from the right side, I’ve only done 2 IUIs, but even in my initial ultrasounds they always noted something on the right side. I am contemplating more having the laparoscopic surgery to see whats really going on. I also have pain during intercourse when I am ovulating on the right side.

The actual IUI went pretty swiftly, just some minor cramping. I rested on the table for 10 minutes afterwards with hips lifted as recommended.  I like to listen to Youtube meditations at this time and try to get some positive thoughts going.

Overall I am trying to stay positive. I have hope that this could work, but I think the odds are against me. After this cycle, if negative, we have planned to do one more IUI before moving on to IVF. Hubby doesn’t want to do another IUI, he thinks there a “waste of time and money” because of how low the actual success rate is, knowing the first one failed and this one seems to be exactly the same so far. I kind of agree, I don’t really want to waste another month doing something ineffective.

So now I am on to the two-week wait. If AF is not here in 16 days I’ll go in for blood work. If she comes on time I am to call on CD 1 to repeat this whollleee thing again.

Now is time to start/continue:

  • Eat warm foods, drink warm drinks.
  • Keep your feet and abdomen warm at all times.
  • Eat Pineapple (core) 1 DPO – 5 DPO on an empty stomach
  • Continue gentle exercise
  • Practice self-care, what ever that may mean for you. For me its herbal tea (dandelion root), fertility meditations, essential oil diffuser
  • Sleep 8 hours
  • Maintain a healthy diet

Now is time to STOP:

  • eating raw veggies / cold food & drink
  • Doing “Twists” in yoga that involve the midsection, this seems a little excessive to me but its easy enough to avoid.
  • Worrying / obsessing
  • taking ibuprofen or any alcohol



  1. I like your goals for this month. We’ve also been adjusting our bed time routine. We just started playing relaxing music and using a lavender spray on the pillow. We also need to increase our walking and we don’t have snow holding us back… haha. Thanks for sharing! Good luck on this cycle! Sending baby dust your way.


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