Early Pregnancy Test: Pro’s & Con’s.

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You’re in the 2WW. You’ve past the honeymoon phase where everything is great and you’re so positive everything went right this cycle. You’re close to or past the time of “implantation” and the wait is starting to drive you crazy, maybe you’ve spotted some symptoms, maybe you feel nothing.  I don’t know why, but for me 10 – 14 DPO is the SLOWEST part of the month.

Is it worth it to test early? Is it accurate? I’m trying to write out my pro’s and con’s of testing early. So let’s start with the bad news first.

Pro’s vs Con’s of testing early:


  • Early-response tests are expensive, and still subjective to the TTC’er.
  • Cheap tests are inaccurate (when done early).
  • Even if you were pregnant the cheap tests will tell you you’re not.
  • Testing too soon can give you a false negative .
  • Testing too soon will give you an accurate negative (but you can’t be sure).
  • Multiple days of heart-break if you keep testing.


  •  You could get a (faint) positive up to 5 days before your missed period.
  • You could celebrate a positive test 5 days sooner.

Pro’s & Con’s of waiting to test:


  • The wait is excruciating at times.
  • You won’t know sooner than when your period is due.
  • Might have a stronger emotion to negative test ?


  • Saves money.
  • Much more accurate.
  • Doesn’t destroy your hope early.
  • Makes testing day more exciting from anticipation?

My Conclusion: 

Its better to wait to test!

Easier said than done. Every month I tell myself I WILL NOT TEST until CD 29. I usually cave on 10 DPO, and it’s always negative. I use the cheap tests that came with my OPKs, Easy@home they are pretty clear that the HCG test isn’t accurate until 1 day before missed period but for some reason I like to torture myself. I am going to devise a plan for my next cycle to resist the urge to test early.

Here is my plan:

  1.  Relocate my test strips. I only use my test strips in the early morning, first urine. Right now they are underneath the bathroom sink in a box. I moved them upstairs into a closet. If I get the urge to test next month, chances are I’m not going to walk my butt upstairs at 6 AM, I have very little physical motivation in the morning.
  2. STOP: Review My reasons. When the urge to test creeps into my brain, I’ll think STOP & picture myself pregnant, list my reasons for waiting to test. 1. – it’s not accurate, 2. it’s not helpful, 3. it’s not necessary.
  3. Meditate or Exercise.  When the urge to test appears, I will change my focus, stop what I’m doing and either meditate for a few minutes or do some light exercise to distract myself.

Have you survive the two-week wait without testing early? How do you do it??


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