What to expect: First IUI Procedure.


Recap a bit leading up to IUI. I had just finished my fertility testing; Diagnosis – unexplained infertility. Hormones are great, egg supply is great, tubes are open according to the HSG, Hubby’s sperm analysis was above average. Yet 3.5 years of trying and still only one blue line every month.
Dr. Suggested medicated IUI with 2.5 mg of letrozole CD 3 -7. Ultrasound and blood work on CD 10 and nightly OPKs until surge and then IUI the next day. My cycle was perfectly average to me, medication may have made me slightly more emotional but not out of control. CD 10 they saw 1 large follicle and 2 medium-sized follicles. The Dr. said that they’ll do another ultrasound the day of IUI to check the follicles. Fast forward 5 long days…..

CD 15, the day before I got a positive OPK. I called my centers IUI line and left a message scheduling my IUI for the next day. Our instructions were given to us on a sheet of paper at the beginning of my cycle. Hubby was directed to arrive at the clinic at 8 am to produce a sample. It’s recommended to abstain from ejaculation 24-48 hours prior to IUI. We were at about 36 hours. Hubby said the waiting room was packed at 8 AM not even one chair open. After the sample is collected it is washed to remove any unnecessary parts of the semen, leaving mostly just sperm. The nurse told me the forward mobility count was 17 million, 10 mil being minimal effectiveness and 20 being maximum efficacy. My instructions were to arrive at 11 am. A lot of other blogs people say their partner comes with them or even their mother (kinda weird to me) I went alone as it was a work day, and I fenagled getting 2 hours off in the middle of the day.

When I arrived they verified my identity then I sat for a couple of minutes in the waiting room. They brought me inside right on time and let me use the restroom prior to the procedure. I’ve read other places that require patients to have a full bladder, they did not recommend this to me at all. So after I get undressed from the waist down and sit on the table. I had to wait 5 – 10 minutes for the APRN to come in. She apologized for being busy/behind. She recognized I was wearing scrubs and I told her I was a dental hygienist so I understand what its like to be running behind sometimes. They had me verify my name & birthday on the screen, and verify the sperm sample has Hubby’s name and birthday as well.

She did the ultrasound first, which was a little disappointing. There were no mature follicles to be found. I had already ovulated! The nurse recommended I have blood drawn afterwards to verify my hormone levels to see if I did indeed ovulate. She said my lining looked excellent. Although I really wanted to see the follicle(s) today, I know their was one dominate one 5 days ago, so at least 1 was released. It was on my right side though, which was also has the tube that was “slow to fill”.

Next was the actual IUI. The speculum goes in, cold very slight pressure. Then the catheter which was a tad more uncomfortable, but still not painful. The nurse remarked that it went easily into the cervix. Next she put the sample into the catheter. Quick and easy. Removing the catheter was some slight discomfort and she told me that she had made me bleed a little. She got a cotton swab and soaked up the little spot, told me this is very normal and of no concern. It felt like a slight period cramp, after she removed the swab she said the bleeding had stopped. I was probably higher risk for light bleeding as I have been taking baby aspirin daily.

The nurse recommended hubby and I BD tonight give extra assurance. Also she recommends to lie on the table for 10-15 minutes they have a prop that moves so your hips are elevated. She encourages me to return to my regular routine afterwards, no need to “take it easy”. During the 15 minute wait I listened to some fertility meditation videos I found on YouTube. I got my blood drawn afterwards and then returned to work.

Later that day the nurse call with the blood test results saying that my hormone levels indicate that I probably did ovulate and with the dominate follicle we had seen previously. They think the IUI was timed properly. She told me that they will do a pregnancy blood test 16 days later if there is no period.

After work I went home and walked on the treadmill for 2 miles. Ate a healthy dinner went to bed relatively early. The two-week wait has begun!! I am making a conscious effort to stay positive and pre-occupied! I think I’ve decided on my favorite names 🙂

Yesterday Hubby and I went to our “Bee school” which is 3, 5 hour courses for aspiring beekeepers. We learned about hive building and queens, swarming, and predator management.

Today is my nieces 1st birthday party. I made some cute pink cupcakes that look like roses. I also have to make dog food for the next 1.5 weeks for my 2 beautiful Dobermans. Some how am going to squeeze in an hour of yoga and be in bed with my tea meditating by 8:30!

Thanks for reading! Baby Dust! I have a good feeling about this cycle please send lots of good vibes.


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