Uterine lining & Follicle Ultrasound

I was scouring the web on how to increase uterine lining and I found a few recommendations.

  • excercise
  • Consume vitamin E & vitamin C
  • Herbs/teas – like red raspberry leaf, evening primrose oil
  • castor oil packs
  • self fertility massage
  • de-stress

So today is CD 10 of my first IUI cycle. I got up extra early and drove 40 miles to the clinic. It had snowed 6 inches the night before but the roads were remarkably clear. The wait was short and they took me into do the trans-vaginal ultrasound first. The lady that did it was very nice. I laid back looking up at the ceiling while she did her thing, she told me she’d take some photos/ measurements and then show me everything.

I had one dominant follicle on the right over 12 mm or so and another one smaller around 10 mm. On the left side there was more small follicles but nothing mature yet. She also measured the lining, I was about at 6 mm. The Dr. said that the measurements of the lining and the measurments of the follicles matched on their level of maturity and that it looks like I have more time for them to grow. She said follicles grown about 1-2 mm per day and the main focus of today’s visit was to ensure that I wasn’t getting hyperstimulated by the medication. She said that I was at a “safe” level.

I was estimating that my ovulation would be on CD 15, which would make the dominate follicle around 20 mm if it grows 1.5 mm per day.  If my lining keeps growing at 1 mm per day I would be around 11 mm.

In the past I noticed that evening primrose oil had delayed my ovulation, so I had stopped taking it. I decided to start taking it again, hoping to give my follicles another day or so to mature. I’m really hoping for more than one follicle!!

We’re going to do another ultrasound on the day of IUI to check everything again. So now begins the nightly testing with the OPKs, once I get the surge I’ll call the clinic to make my appointment for the next day.

I need to renew my hope and refocus my energy to be positive. Only a few more days to go until my first IUI, then I’m PUPO for 14 days til the big news!!


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