TTC Diagnosis and treatment plan

Today Hubby and I have our second appointment with our reproductive endocrinologist (RE). We will be going over all of our results from the last month of testing, and hopefully will be hearing their plan, comparing in with my plan and agreeing on our next step. Last month I had hormone blood tests, genetic blood tests, an intravaginal ultrasound and a HSG x-ray. Hubby had a semen analysis, STD testing (they make everyone do it) and a genetic blood test. We both are carriers of 1 autosomal recessive disorder, which the other partner doesn’t carry, so our risk is minimal.
ALL OF OUR RESULTS ARE “NORMAL”!!!! how aggravating when you search for answers and get none. Hubby has been a heavy marijuana user for many years, I finally convinced him to give it up about 5 month ago. Research suggests it can lower fertility, and can make low-fertility people completely infertile. It takes about 3 months for sperm to regenerate. Weed can make sperm “hyperactive” where they use up all of their energy too early; they’re supposed to lay dormant while they are washed into the cervix and uterus THEN activate to get from the fallopian tube to the egg. I also think I may have a “hostile cervical environment”, I’ve never had “EWCM”. I have clear cervical fluid around time of ovulation, and not a lot of it. We’ve been using pre-seed or astroglide TTC during our BD, still BFN every month. Hubby has had multiple “relapses” where he has smoked, I think I’ve finally convinced him to give it up 100%. It’s hard to say if occasional smoking would do anything, but when you’re trying everything and that’s the one “No-no” that keeps popping up, it could be related.

I was diagnosed with MTHFR mutations, 2 copies. The genetic councilor was very clear that this USED to be thought to be a cause of infertility/early miscarriage, but now is not even recommended to be tested for fertility purposes (then why is it still in their testing protocol?). In my opinion (I am not a doctor but I do have experience in the health field) Nothing is completely unrelated. If I have a genetic mutation that makes it 70% less efficient to utilize vitamin B9, which is needed in every cell in the body, it likely can effect all body systems. I am going to asked what the recommended supplements are. I’ve already bought Methylated B-12 & B-9 combo to add to my prenatal and I follow a strict “fertility diet” were I eat tons of food through out the day that have folate (and the other vital nutrients) . I’ll ask if they recommended baby aspirin after ovulation too.

This month we drove 304 miles for infertility treatments, and paid $1630.72.

I’m keeping a running tab for tax purposes. I’m assuming that we will be paying more than 10% of my annual income to treatment this year. My insurance deductible (& Out of pocket max) is $7500 so that alone is more than 10%!!!  Its going to be a tight year financially, but over all it will be worth it (hopefully!!!)

My plan is to do 2 medicated IUIs, move onto 2 fresh IVF’s and if they is remaining embryos then FET 2 embryos each cycle until we have no more embryos from the fresh IVFs. If we still do not have a child after that, I think I will be OK with moving onto other options, like fostering.

At least there is an end in sight, and we’re tying. I couldn’t keep just doing OPKS and 5000+ old wives tales and forum “tips”, its soooo emotionally draining. This morning CD 28, 13 DPO  I  POAS and BFN. I’ve been testing since 10 DPO. Its soul crushing, especially when you psyche yourself up everyday during the TWW.

This year I am dedicating to ART (advanced reproductive technologies) and its going to be expensive, and its going to be painful, and hopefully it won’t take the whole year, but I am ready to dedicate all of my 29th year of life to becoming a mother. I’m concerned about work/treatment balance, I have no idea how I’m going to make this work.

BUT I am resilient, I am resourceful, I am determined. Nothing in life has every come easy for me. This is just another huge hurdle I have to over come, that millions of people take for granted.

I’m so excited to start treatment, I will updated again after our visit  when our doctor gives us their recommendations!

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