First Fertility Specialist Visit

We arrived at the clinic 15 minutes early. The receptionist checked us in. I forgot my ID at home, this was not a good thing. They were gracious and let me use other forms of identification but said I needed to bring my ID in ASAP and bring it every time. Due to the nature of the procedures identity is very important to them. *note to self, don’t forget ID!* Hubby and I waited in the reception area, which was empty besides us (2 pm must not be a busy time!). Soon after they called us back. Hubby wasn’t sure to stay or go so I told him to come. They showed us into an exam room, Hubby stayed there while the medical assistant took me down the hall to check vital signs. She weighed me and took my blood pressure and pulse. We went back into the exam room and the medical assistant said that our nurse would be in soon to go over our new patient health history that I had completed before our first visit. The nurse came in and was very nice, she was thorough with going through our information. She explained what was going to happen during the rest of our appointment today, and said she will meet with us again at the end to wrap up any questions.

The asked me to undress from the waist down and sit on the table, Hubby was welcome to stay or go, he didn’t really want to stay, but I asked him to and he did stay. I want him to see/understand the whole process so I can have someone to relate to about it. I feel so alone dealing with infertility as no one sees what goes on “behind closed doors” so to speak.

Doctor came in, she was very pleasant. She did an internal ultrasound with some 3-D photos too. The ultra sound was not uncomfortable at all, maybe a little weird at times but not painful. She looked at my ovaries, said she could see follicles and saw an empty area that she said “looks like I ovulated from” she measured my uterus and took some photos. She saw something unusual so decided to take a 3-D ultra sound too. the 3-D ultrasound revealed a slight dip on the top of my uterus, but it was less than 1 cm so still “normal”. She said that some people have a septum down the middle of the uterus that can make it very difficult to conceive, but I didn’t have this. Lucky me everything was normal. There was some slight concern that I may have endometriosis, because I had told them that my sister had this. She pressed on some areas and there was no pain, she said that when people have endometriosis they usually feel pain in some of these areas. They told me to re-dress and then we will meet in the Dr.s office to talk.

In the doctor’s office she asked If we had any questions. Our questions mostly pertained to what do we do next. She recommended blood work, pap smear and a  hysterosalpingogram (HSG) for me. Blood work and semen analysis for Hubby possible visit with a urologist. I had previously seen a RE a little over a year ago where he did blood tests. The Dr. said that the results were good, and she doesn’t expect much of a change but says they should be updated. This was a relief to me, I had seen another doctor, but they had never contacted me with the results of my blood test, and I had never returned or called to find out. Mostly because Hubby did not want to pursue treatment at that time. The doctor told me the HSG is a simple procedure and you get results immediately to see if my fallopian tubes are blocked, there is no strong reason for her to believe they would be blocked, but it is important to know for sure. The doctor also talked to us a lot about genetic blood testing. They strongly recommended it, but it was not mandatory. I agreed to the genetic testing but I’m pretty confident I’m not a carrier. They are also testing for MTHFR mutations. I have read a few blogs where the women have these mutations and are prone to miscarriage, my sister recently had an early miscarriage, so I do want to (hopefully) rule this out.

The doctor then brought us down to the financial manager. The doctor said we would likely be starting with something less invasive such as natural IUI or medicated IUI, but this will be determined after the other tests are completed. The manager briefly went over insurance coverage with us, and had me sign the paper work for the genetic testing. She asked if we had any questions. I had questions about pricing but with no diagnosis there wasn’t much of a reason to get into the nitty-gritty.

They had me do the blood work before I left. Boy was I surprised to see how many vials of blood I was about to give. I think it was at least 7. The phlebotomist asked me to verify my name and birthday on each vial. I joked about how I was glad I have an easy name.  She poked me, it wasn’t too bad. She asked if I needed apple juice but I said I was fine. Then she walked me back to the reception area.

I left feeling hopeful. Maybe a simple IUI is all we need? I guess time will tell once we find out about the sperm and fallopian tubes!

Hubby is returning next week to do  blood work and a semen analysis. AF is due next week so I can do my day 2/3 blood test and schedule my HSG for CD 6-12.  I really want to start ASAP so hopefully we don’t have to wait and this month we’ll do our first IUI!!


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