Questions for the Reproductive Endocrinologist Consulation

I’m sooo excited my first visit is in 2 days! I am trying to rack my brain now for questions I have for our first visit.

What is causing our infertility?

What additional testing do I need to do before diagnosis/ treatment?

What Treatment do you recommend first, how long do we have to try this?

What are our chances of having a live birth?

Can we skip right to IVF?

What is the timeline from first visit to embryo/sperm transfer?

What lifestyle changes are most important?

How much caffeine is OK, for male/female?

How much alcohol is OK, for male/female?

Is my weight OK?

What foods should I consume?

What foods should I avoid?

What supplements should we take?

Do you recommend alternative therapies during treatment? massage/acupuncture ext.

How much exercise is recommended?

Will I need time off from work?

What is the cost?

What are payment options?



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